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 The NNAT3 features new content, updated normative data, and a new and user-friendly online interface that is optimized for administering the assessment with a tablet.

​Used by gifted and talented educators, testing coordinators, special education teachers, school psychologists and bilingual educators, the NNAT is a nationally normed, reliable nonverbal test, that provided a consistent way to screen all students without language or culture being a barrier. This provides a nonverbal, culturally neutral assessment of general ability that is ideal for use with diverse student populations.​​​

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Essentials of CAS2 Assessment

Case studies that illustrate ways to identify different processing disorders and interventions that can make a difference.

A comprehensive collection of publications written by Jack Naglieri and other renowned authors.

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Jack A. Naglieri, PhD. is a Research Professor at the University of Virginia, Senior Research Scientist at the Devereux Center for Resilient Children, and Emeritus Professor of Psychology at George Mason University. With J.P. Das, he is well known for the PASS theory of intelligence and its application using the Cognitive Assessment System and Cognitive Assessment System-Second Edition.

This site was created to provide tools and resources for both psychologists and educators alike. 

Written by Dr. Jack A. Naglieri and Dr. Tulio M. Otero, this edition of Essentials of CAS2 Assessment discusses the latest research and thinking on PASS theory and includes case studies demonstrating CAS2's uses with various diagnostic groups and its integration with other instruments.


Essentials of CAS2 Assessment is a comprehensive guide to the successful administration of the updated CAS2. Written by leading cognitive assessment experts, the book discusses the latest research and thinking on PASS (Planning, Attention-Arousal, Simultaneous and Successive) theory and includes case studies that demonstrate the use of CAS2 with several types of diagnostic groups and integration with other instruments. A companion website offers additional tools and information to help busy professionals make optimal use of the CAS2.

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Essentials of CAS2 Assessment?


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Short published papers that describe applications of PASS theory to identify disabilities such as Dyslexia.

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